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In Greece, the sector of the information technology grows up. Furthermore, during the last three years, the number of start-ups companies has impressively increased. The start-ups are a way for young people who have a vision and ideas for implementation, to achive it. But even if it sounds surprising, the number of Greek start-ups as the number of people involved in the ecosystem, are relatively low. These facts show that is the right time for a digital shift and an opportunity for Greece to win a lost economic ground… But how Greek start-ups may succeed and survive in an uncertain economic environment, without access to funding and management support?


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Initiatives to promote and support Start-ups entrepreneurship

European programmes and initiatives such as JEREMY contribute to the enhancement of entrepreneurship. In fact, Jeremy supports the development of the digital economy by proposing funds dedicated to innovative ideas. is an online platform created by the Greek Ministry of Development and Competitiveness. Entrepreneurs can find all useful informations to start their businesses in Greece. The minister Mr. Michael Chryssochoidis, when he declared the launch of the online platform, he mentioned that “laws, procedures, aid, incentives, success stories and failures of start-ups in Greece, information for public and private institutions could all be found in the We invite you to join and assist in the dissemination of business culture”.

Start Up Safary Athens is an event that have been created in Berlin and came to Athens for two days in November 2014. Entrepreneurship, digital innovation, business incubators and clusters were the main topics. Furthermore, visitors and entrepreneurs participated in free seminars, workshops, lectures and meetings. The purpose of this event was the presentation of the ecosystem of the youth entrepreneurship in the technology and marketing sector.

Corallia  is a Technology Clusters Initiative that have been created in Greece. Actually, Corallia supports the growth of start-up companies and the development of innovation partnerships.

The Egg(enter / grow / go) is a programme established by a Greek bank “Eurobank”. The Egg helps financially innovative entrepreneurs to start their business and develop their ideas within 12 months.

Apart from these examples, Greek start-ups have the possibility to participate in initiatives such as Aephoria, AHEAD, CoLab, IforU, Impact Hub, Innovathens, Orange Grove, The Found Ation.

Successful examples of Greek start-up companies

Taxibeat is a free application that allows you to choose the nearest taxi based on certain desirable characteristics (best car driver, highest score, free Wi-Fi, chargers or pets in the car, seats for babies, etc.). The company has already audience in Athens and Thessaloniki, Paris, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo.

Gigalize is an online platform that brings the artists closer to the public. On the website, it is mentioned “Create or support campaigns for artists who you want to see performing in your town. Now, you have the power to make your dream concert a reality.”

Bugsense  is a tool that collects and analyzes the bug reports in real time during the construction of an application for mobile phones. Actually, Bugsense helps developers in their work. Bugsense supports Android platforms, iOS, HTML5, WP and Windows Phone 8. The BugSense team have been created in Athens  but now has its headquarters in San Francisco. Bugsense has customers companies such as Skype, Samsung, VMware, Airpush, Trulia, Soundcloud.

PocketWarp is mobile engine which provides you the opportunity to connect your back-end system (CMS  website, CRM program etc.) with a native mobile app for content and features, without the need of a separate administration panel. PocketWarp has been awarded by AppWards 2013 and Summit Awards 2014.

Contests4causes is a micro-fundraising mobile application which provides a alternative way to develop social media marketing for caring businesses. The application is intended for both the public who wants to participate in contests for prizes by supporting a social cause and to companies which want to develop their social responsibility profile. All money raised from these contests directly benefits non-governmental organizations.


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Etudiante en Commerce électronique à l’université de Strasbourg.

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