Chinese E-commerce Live-Streaming

In recent years, the trend of e-commerce live-streaming has been booming in China. More and more e-commercants are willing to open live-streaming channels to attract customers and spread brand image or just sell products. Why is live streaming effective in China E-commerce?  Although the China e-commerce industry is becoming more and more prosperous, online shopping is often unreliable due to the…

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Amazon swoops in and acquires Twitch despite Youtube’s effort

It’s finally official, after several rumours about Twitch’s acquisition, the popular live-streaming website will be part of the ever-growing list of companies swallowed by industry giants. However rumours were wrong about which company was going to seal the deal.

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In a way, the rumours made sense, Twitch’s video-based content fits nicely with Youtube’s business. But in the end, and despite Youtube’s effort, Amazon will buy all remaining shares of Twitch which amount to about $970 million in cash. (suite…)

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