Google Pixel : The new competition against Samsung and Apple

On the 4th October in San Francisco, Google introduced its new smartphones, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The message coming from this presentation is that Google stops the commercialisation of the Nexus device and replaces it by Google Pixel. With Nexus, Google launched its good-value-for-money devices but since then, the company has changed its philosophy. Now the new devices are much more expensive but their quality is a little bit higher, like the last flagship Samsung galaxy S7 or Apple 7. Pixel is the first ever smartphone with hardware and software made by Google. (suite…)

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Google Now : « Big brother is watching you »

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Google has recently launched a new challenge to the technology world by including a new feature in their products – this feature is called “Google Now” and, like everything innovative in this area, it raises legal and moral issues. In this case, the approach reminds somehow George Orwell’s “1984”.
Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant, which is currently implemented as an aspect of the Google search application. It recognizes repeated actions that a user performs on the device, such as common locations, calendar appointments or search queries in order to display more relevant information to the user in the form of “cards”. For instance, if you need to navigate to the place of your lunch meeting, you could open the app which will guide you through. Once there, it will remember your destination and will offer to take you back and will even calculate you the time it takes to get there.
A priori, it looks like a very useful and functional synchronization of all your researches designed only to make your life easier. Certainly, reality is a bit different and more complicated. When using this app, users tend to get the feeling of being constantly observed by an invisible force, which calculates (suite…)

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