FAA bans startup like Uber for planes

Flytenow or Airpooler would like to be the Uber for planes, or may be a little bite more like blablacar in France. Even if the sharing economy should promise a great future, authorities could decide differently.
Airpooler asked the Federal Aviation Administration if his service: letting private pilots offering free seats to people for a ride, is legal. Not totally free, because there are some fees, the only compensation is money for gas.
The start-up needs a clarification because in 1963, a rule allowed a private pilot to ask people if they would like to fly and share the cost with him. But now, thank to internet, these startups act more like commercial companies ,when they publicly offer seats to private pilots ,publishing their flights date and destinations with a corresponding fee.
airpooler On one hand, passengers see the availability and the cost of the flight, and on the other hand it could encourages the captain to choose an attractive destination to ensure a good filling of the plane. (suite…)

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