Focus about cross-channel and cross-device

Cross-channel and cross-device illustrates the phenomenon of different connected selling techniques. Customers and consumers use many devices and channels to buy one or several products. Companies must pay a little more attention to meet the client’s requirements, like informations or advices before buying. So, take stock of the situation.

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Cross-channel and cross-device in customer relationship management
Cross-channel aims at mixing different sales channels so as to buy a same product for example. There are several channels like drives, connected stores, web sites, social networks or shops… Indeed, customers can inquire about product at a point of sale to buy it online. Then, they can modify it thanks to interactive terminals. Finally, customers validate the purchase on bar code thanks to an application for smartphones. Companies want to satisfy their customers, that’s why they tend to use all channels to improve their canvass. Not only firms use web-to-store, like click & collect, pick-up in store, productor locator, but also other methods like web-in-store, store-to-web, SoLoMo … (suite…)

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