The risks of social network on mental health

Source: Pixabay

Since the early 2000s, social media has made a quick entry into our daily lives. Many people see it as a new way to meet people and connect to them, to get information or to show off. However, recent researches have begun to warn against the harmful effect of these networks on the mental health of people, in particular that of the youngest.

Social media network: a double-edged knife

According to an unpublished study of which the Wall Street Journal was aware, many teenagers think that social media networks, particularly Instagram, have harmful consequences on their mental health. Among this list of consequences, we can find a lack of sleep, a lack of self-esteem, depression and addiction.

In adolescence, young people are often in lack of reference.They try to create their own identity and want to have models to hold on. At this time, Instagram becomes their main refuge.Known as the social media network acclaimed by teenagers, far ahead of Facebook, it offers possibility to post beautiful photos and videos; It’s the perfect place to show off our best side and be well-known.

New models on Instagram are known as influencers. They often use filters, excessive make-up and software like Photoshop to enhance their online appearance and show a perfect body and a dream life to the world. Often, those virtual images don’t correspond to the reality. Therefore, teenagers with normal bodies feel threatened, lose self-esteem and fell into depression. Sometimes, they also resort to plastic surgery to look like the influencers. It’s very insane.

How to be less dependent on social media network?

In order to reduce dependence to social media networks, experts recommend to balance real life and the connected one. It’s important to not use the phone all the time, to disconnect sometimes and reduce the time spent on social media networks. It will increase sleep time. In addition, they recommend not to compare ourselves to others because life online is often a mirage. It’s better to dance, talk to people face to face, travel, go to the gym, eat good foods. That will be better for our mental health.


Ruth Myrline ADRIEN