What you need to know about cloud robots

Technology continues to surpass itself and our era is experiencing remarkable advances in automation and digitalization. The field of robotics has not remained outside this advanced s, because it has been undergoing a profound transformation for decades and robots arebecomingmore and more intelligent with much more autonomy.
We have moved from the days of simple robotic arms in large factories and assembly lines of s cars to Cloud “RaaS” robots, (a term first coined in 2010 by James Kuffner, a former Employee at Google). These robots thatshare our own living environment including at home, at school and in our services. They can respond to our requests on subjects as different as they are varied.
However, do we really know how they do it? Because, to respond to very varied requests, it is necessary to have the ability to store a large amount of information. Youdoubt that these robots in view of their sizes simply cannot have as much information about their small structure.
To understand these small machines, let’s look at how they work and what differentiates them from other robots.

How does the cloud robot work?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to distinguish two notions to which we will refer: Robot and artificial intelligence.
Robot refers to any automatically actuated machine that replaces human effort, although it may not look like human beings in appearance or perform functions in a human way.
Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is the intelligence demonstrated by machines through techniques developed from complex computer programs capable of stimulating certain human traits, as opposed to intelligence innate to animals and humans.
For its operation the cloud robot will combine these two aspects, all the mechanical characteristics “Hardware” and the different software “Software” that transform them into a real search engine. But still, what makes it powerful is the integration of cloud computing and other internet technologies. Once connected to the cloud, these robots can benefit from the powerful compute, storage and communication resources of modern data centers, being able to process and share information from a variety of sources. Thanks to this connection, humans can delegate tasks to them remotely.

What differentiates them from other robots

Cloud robots have a brain that includes data centers, the knowledge base (technology used to store complex structural information used by a computer system), task planners, deep learning (machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks with representational learning), the information processing system, environment models, as well as the communication medium.

Cloud bots use cases

Outside the areas mentioned at the beginning of this article, these robots can be used in different cases, to carry out patrols in buildings to collect data to improve safety; they can be used to make deliveries or prepare orders, or in smart factory.



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