Through this article, firstly we are going to see the French habits towards the mobile apps and then how is the current state of the mobile apps in France.

French users habits

Times spent by French using various devices

ComScore’s survey about the Global digital Future in 2018 shows that first of all, French users prefer surfing the internet on desktop. When other countries tend to surf the web on multiplatforms.
Secondly, while the smartphone is the most used device in other countries like USA, Mexico and India; in France, both computer and smartphone are equally used. But due to the rising market share of the smartphone, we can except this figure to change soon.
Thirdly, the daily use of mobile apps in France is significant: 9 mobile apps a day. Nevertheless, it seems like some countries are using more. For example in the case of Brasil where they use up to 12 mobile apps in a day.

Times spent by French mobinautes using mobile apps

80% of French mobile Internet users are using mobile apps instead of browsers. And the categories of the most used mobile apps are:

  • social media: Facebook, Snapchat.
  • chatting: Messenger,  WhatsApp
  • Entertainment: Youtube, Deezer, Spotify
  • games: Candy crush, Clash of clan, Pros des mots

The main disadvantages of mobile apps are their size and the fact that users will have a lot of applications on their mobile. So for some categories like shopping, online retailers’d better have a website with a responsive web design so their web pages will be automatically adjusted.

Are there any French mobile apps?

Among of the 10 most used mobile apps in France, there is only one French mobile app, which is Leboncoin. This site is originally dedicated to a consumer to consumer business model.

The mobile apps market in France

According to a study made by the American company App Annie for Le Figaro, mobile app revenues was estimated up to 460 million dollars in France. However, even though there are more downloads on Androïd, mobile app revenues are more or less equal for both operating systems.

Most profitable sectors

The most profitable applications are mobile games, with Clash of Clans on first place. It can be confirmed with the success of Fortnite, the latest popular game, released recently on iOS and was the most downloaded apps in France.
Then, dating apps are also very successful like Adoptaguy, Tinder.
And finally, Deezer, which is a French music streaming application.

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