The CEO of Alibaba Jack Ma announced a major infrastructure upgrade project for its global logistics subsidiary Cainiao Network, at the Global Smart Logistics Summit held in Hangzhou as part of an investment by more than 13.3 billion euros.
Cainiao Network is working on a new state-of-the-art logistics complex in Wuxi near Shanghai, with a smart warehouse, offices and stores. The logistics center is virtually fully automated. With artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, it will be equipped with robotic arms for picking and packaging, 500 self-guided vehicles, infrared sensors and cameras capable of calculating real-time storage.

On the international level, it’s about opening five hubs in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Cainiao Network has announced that the five cities will be involved in this vast project and host these major hubs: Hangzhou, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, but also Moscow and Liège, which would become the main bridges of Alibaba in Europe.
Therefore, the Liège hub not only concernes the flow of products exported from Europe to China, but also relates to Chinese brands selling in Europe via the AliExpress marketplace. Outside of China, Cainiao announces that it already delivers 30 cities in 6 countries with delays of less than 5 days. These new hubs should allow it to improve a gear with a better quality of service. The goal is to provide services in 100 cities overseas within three years, and ultimately to be able to deliver anywhere in the world in time less than 72 hours. Also as part of its infrastructure modernization project, Cainiao has announced its goal to be able to deliver anywhere in China in less than 24 hours. This is based on the development of its “Future Park” solutions, high logistics complexes tech including a smart warehouse, but also offices, shopping malls and even residential buildings.

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