HSBC has launched a new innovative project at La Défense to develop the structure in the new digital channels. This innovation lab for international business operations is not only the result of a program that brings several strategic partners together,  but also, a strong collaboration between dedicated to international business operations with start-ups.

The basic idea is to bring out many projects still at the experimental stage around artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and IoT. This laboratory is part of a global network. The structure is led by Beatrice Collot, Trade Finance and Factoring Director of HSBC France. Its mission is to develop new partnerships with fintechs to invest in asset classes.
In this context of globalization, which implies a digital transformation, HSBC has opted to cooperate with the fintech, to settle factoring and international financing operations, since this type of metering today needs a resource management administration. Material, financial and human, to create a dynamic platform in a complex regulatory framework involving many stakeholders.
The laboratory and the incubator are financed by a budget of $ 250 million and 8 investments have already been made, with equity investments in Kyriba and Tradeshift of which 60 million have already been invested in 8 fintechs, according to the press release:
– The R3 consortium, at the origin of the Corda platform with which HSBC has announced to test in the coming days the first Trade operations on the Blockchain,
– Kyriba, the global leader in enterprise cash management solutions,
– Tradeshift, a platform connecting suppliers and buyers, connecting more than 800,000 companies in 190 countries today.

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