Sirin Labs, a Swiss-Israel technology company announced that FIH Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of Hon Hai, will produce the Finney blockchain smartphone for the company. Sirin Labs stated that Finney will be the world’s first blockchain smartphone. The feature is that it can safely store and use electronic encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin, while users do not need to pay fees when using encrypted currencies for online transactions.
The key word of Blockchain mobile phone ‘is not the phone but the blockchain’. This will be aimed at people who use encrypted currencies with the highest security, Point-to-point payment (P2P) and encryption of communications can be possible now.
As for the main targets of blockchain cellphone, they will be the existing cryptocurency community, these people are very interested and actively investing in the dissemination of blockchain products, as well as subsequent services derived from blockchain technology.
Many blockchain technologies have started to develop applications beyond cryptocurrencies, and even set foot in ecosystems. In the long run, perhaps the normal consumer will also use a blockchain mobile phone in the future. However, users of the cryptocurrency stay still the main target for now.For the first time in November last year, after the Initial Coin Offering(ICO), Sirin Labs obtain $157.8 dollars, then they use this money to develop open source blockchain smartphones and blockchain personal computers.
Why it is named Finney, it is in honor of the bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney. When Bitcoin came out in 2009, Finney accepted the Bitcoin sent by bitcoin inventor Nakamoto and completed the first bitcoin transaction in history. Sirin plans to sell this mobile phones in eight new markets in Vietnam and Turkey, where more than 250, 000 people have already ordered the phone. Sirin plans to sell as many as 100, 000 Finney phones this year.

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