Finally ! Here we are, the new season of the great series Westworld is about to release ! 

I promise, this article is free of spoiler. If you want to know more about the first season, you can read this article written by Lacha PAITCHADZE : Westworld : the start of artificial consciousness ?
First of all, let’s discover the official ad in the video below, soundtracked by Kanye West’s “Runaway”.
The HBO Project piloted by Jonathan Nolan, Westworld season 1, projected us in a Western theme park in which evolved customers abused robots in every way, similar to humans. Robots, that eventually realize their nature, want to rebel and potentially escape the park. So, many issues that keep the audience in suspense! Thus, we discover robots with much more than just artificial intelligence but artificial awareness.
There will be 10 episodes, just like the first season. While the first season was entitled “The Maze”, the second season will be entitled “The Door”. 
However, the production of the new episodes was interrupted two times. The first time was due to the accident of Zahn McClarnon, a new actor of the series, on November 2017. Don’t worry, he recovered and will be in the new cast ! The second time was due to forest fires in California, where scenes were shot.
Besides, the first season was awarded many times. For example : Evan Rachel Wood received 3 awards for the Best Actress ;  Thandie Newton received 3 awards for the Best Supporting Actress ; Jeffrey Wright received the Best TV Actor award ; Ed Harris received the Best Supporting Actor on Television award ; Westworld serie received 5 awards. 
Delores, Bernard, Maeve and the others return in Westworld the 22th April, every Sunday on HBO in the US, in the same time on Sky Atlantic in the UK and the following Monday on OCS in France. 
The robots have decided to rebel against the humans who have been oppressing them for years. It is a real hunt for the future, whether in the west or on the premises of Westworld. I can’t tell you more before watching it, but I promise you that you will enjoy it ! 



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