Everyday, one billion hours of videos are watched daily on YouTube making the firm number one in the video services sector. According to Susan Wojcicki, Youtube CEO, the « mobile put a TV in everybody’s pocket » and the viewers « don’t want to watch it in the traditional setting waiting for their favorite show to come on. They want to consume TV live or on demand ».
Therefore, YouTube has the solution: YouTube TV, the streaming giant’s internet based TV service officially launched in the United States and for the moment, available in 83 cities. YouTube TV offers streaming content from traditional broadcast networks as several cable channels for monthly 35$. The service is available with iOS, Android phones and tablets and on media streamers like Android TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, Samsung, LG smart TVs and most recently Roku. Moreover, an app is going to be available on Apple TV very soon.
While many services let you stream channels around your home, you can take YouTube TV with you wherever you go. Besides, you can have six accounts per subscription but only watch up to three streams at once.
The main weakness is that YouTube TV shows will have ads unlike the Hulu service, which offers the ability to watch TV shows from ABC, NBC without commercials.

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