The Nimb Ring, which includes a panic button, is a perfect solution for those who have ever been in an unsafe situation and understand that creeping sensation of dread or worry that no one may help you. This smart ring sends immediately an emergency alert through the Nimb mobile app to the preset safety circles : friends and family, nearby Nimb members or 24/7 call centers with access to the closest emergency responders.
Nimb was cofounded by Kathy Roma, who was violently attacked walking down the street in her past. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, she got the idea to create the smart ring Nimb. Now, she serves as the company’s communications director and openly shares her experience in this video about the product in order to make the world a safer place for everyone.
After pressing the button and holding it down for three seconds, this smart ring sends out a message with the personal profile information and location to the safety circles within 300 yards of the wearer’s location. Nimb tracks the location in real-time and that’s how the response team always know where exactly that wearer is. Thus, the Nimb app permits to form some kind of community of strangers ready to help.
With a panic button concealed in the underside of the ring and disguised as costume jewelry, the Nimb Ring is designed to be a quick and subtle way to send the location to the wearer’s preset contacts. Although, new technologies included in smartphones and smartwatches make it easier than ever before to dial 911, emergency services, or send an SOS, Nimb is actually the fastest way to call for help, sending an alert message in just three seconds.
Nimb protects the privacy of its users by sharing their location and information only after pressing the panic button. Consequently, only in case of an emergency, Nimb would provide personal information to response teams in order to save the life of the ring wearer. By the way, it wouldn’t be possible to send an alert by mistake. The recessed button, which must be held for three seconds during which the ring will vibrate, makes it harder to push accidentally and it will be possible to cancel the alert by entering user’s password in the Nimb mobile app during 30 seconds.
Furthermore, with the Nimb Ring, which contains Bluetooth technology, it’s no longer possible to forget or lose your phone, because the ring vibrates as soon as the distance between the phone and the ring exceeds preset limit. Besides, the battery of this smart ring is rechargeable and lasts for two weeks.

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