While in South Korea, 5G is probably going to appear in Winter Olympics 2018, then an official deployment can come true in all the country in 2019. In Europe and particulary in France, first 5G tests offer their first results. So don’t panic, 5G is coming.

What’s new with 5G ?
With 5G we can surf 10 times faster than the 4G on Internet. But it’s not the only advantage which 5G offers for us. 5G will offer a better protection of networks and new opportunities for home automation. In this plan below, European Commission exposes their projects and the advantages of 5G.

Concluding results
Announced in October 2016, the results of first Orange tests, in partnership with Ericsson, were finally revealed by the French operator. Orange announced that they have exceeded the superior speed of 15 Gbits/s during their tests in their center R&D (Orange Gardens). Orange is the first one in France. Compared with 3G and 4G, we can see that the aims of 5G are impressive.

In view of these results, Bouygues Telecom who is the express rival immediately announced that from Mars it would realize their own 5G tests. Althought, it seems that in Europe the first service of 5G offered to consumers will not be available before 2020. The operator seems don’t want to fall behind in this race of technology.
Differentiating results
Indded, these results are the fruit of tests realized in optimal conditions in laboratory. Not sure that once deployed in the hexagon we will take advantage of such a quality and a speed navigation. It’s also advisable to wonder about whom will be the beneficiaries of 5G, when we know that at present some French regions still have not a effective LTE network (4G) even 3G.
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