A new nation has been created in space. Asgardia is the prototype of an independent platform free from the constraint of a land-based country’s laws.

Birth of the project
The private company Aerospace International Research Center wants to create a legal entity in space, which would function as a sovereign state. The Funding Father of Asgardia and the private company is Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian businessman and scientist. He presented his plan at a conference in Paris on 12 October 2016.
The team is consisted of a strange mixture of researchers, entrepreneurs, lawyers and space professionals.
Communication through the Web
A website has been established and allows everyone to learn about the project and even become a citizen of this nation. Thanks to the cyberspace, this Nation-State has become very famous, and has allowed the idea of Asgardia to spread all over the digital world.
The project appears to have a strong impact on the internet community. At the present time, over 470.000 people have expressed the wish to become citizens of Asgardia. Moreover, through the website you can find further information, such as which country has already the largest number of participants.
The idea is about a legal entity that would operate as a sovereign state with access to space, especially for trade activities and scientific matters. In addition, the initiative welcomes anyone else who expresses the desire to become its citizen.
Judicial point
Asgardia aspires to be independent, although space belongs to humanity and space activities are controlled. Space stations are screened before boarding in space and require the agreement of a State.
The project does not currently include plans to set up an Asgardian settlement in space. However, Igor Ashurbeyli believes in life beyond Earth and is convinced that his idea is going to be vital for the future of humankind.

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