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With 310 million users in the world, a reputation and world prestige, Twitter is one of the most influential social networks of the world. Nevertheless, for its 10th anniversary, Twitter has many difficulties, especially economic. Twitter does not attract any more investors and  users.
But recently, it seems that companies are interested to use this of many ways.
Tool of recruitment 
Twitter profoundly modified the communication of companies, that it is at the level of the institutional communication of the company or the communication human resources. Indeed, the network of contacts which you will have known how to create around your company, will allow you to spread your job offers and to find profiles on Twitter.
From now on, banks as Paribas BNP recruit on Twitter.
Twitter moreover proposed a “European Day of the employment”, operation of recruitment where companies as MAAF participated.
Gozaik, a specialist of the social recruitment, delivered last November the figures of a study carried out on the e-recruitment: every month, 500 000 job offers are posted on Twitter.
Tool of business intelligence 
Besides the simple day before of the private individuals, companies can make of the day before which we call competitive.
Indeed, it allows to find conversations between users by his character to inform by looking for with certain keywords as on
Thanks to its search engine, Twitter allows to watch the reputation of his company by looking for the name of that this, that of the products, leaders or his representatives there.
Tool of promotion and referencing 
Twitter allows to promote its company. Retweet information relative to its business sector and interact with the users identified during the surveillance phase are excellent ways to start.
When it’s possible, relieve on Twitter the contents produced besides (blog postings, studies, news of the company) allows to promote its products,its knowledge and position in major actor of the sector. Twitter doesn’t have to be a channel of autopromotion but well a place of exchange where the supplied contents present the real added value for those who follow you. Twitter becomes an excellent way to generate of the traffic towards its site or its other social profiles.
Tool of customer relationship 
According to Social Bakers, 80 % of the world questions about marks of companies pass by Twitter. The users follow the marks exactly to interact with them on Twitter. It is the case for for the big, average and the small companies. For example, Apple has just decided to put its world customer service on Twitter via @AppleSupport. Twitter allows to manage an enormous part of the customer relationship of companies and the job of community manager becomes one of the pillars on Twitter.
What the Americans call ” to consume care ” takes its sense with Twitter, which positions as the world actor through whom we ask questions.
The users use regularly this way to contact a live company, whether it is to ask a question or express a dissatisfaction.
Been used to the speed of the exchanges on this channel, they are very attentive to the fast treatment of their demands.
A presence on Twitter at the only end of questions/answers is possible, but a tweet requires a fast answer.
What we can see is that unless a general question, it is necessary not to handle the request publicly but to communicate with the user in a private way.
The advantages of this technique:
• Patentee of the message : the sending of a short message allows the community manager which manages the after-sales service to answer quickly the question asked and find the possible problem to be handled. It’s a considerable advantage because numerous messages arrive on the account.
• The transparency of the network : it allows to keep a visible proof of the exchange so that others can take advantage of it but also and especially to expose the relevance of the brought answers and the professionalism of the company. The community manager will always have to keep in mind that it represents its mark. It can also be contreproductive if he does not answer, we are in the e-reputation of the company.
• The momentariness: it is the main asset of Twitter for the management of his customers because the exchange is free and the answer almost waited within the hour. The momentariness of the reception of a message and its treatment are thus excellent points, and if we compare them for example with the e-mail or with the telephone.
• The job of community manager: this job won a lot in maturity, and it becomes from then on a real asset with various marks. Some do not hesitate to recover from it to them to manage a part of their after-sales service and it’s for the best for us. The choice of these marks and undertaken logically turned to the social network Twitter to allow a dialogue with their customers and consumers.
The RATP and Air France are very fond of customer relationships and from now on the banking sector with the Société Générale which undertakes to bring an answer under 30 minutes.
Tool of communication and marketing 
Today, 9 million companies, SME and TPE use Twitter at the world level. Twitter is used as internal and external communications tool. There is a real professionalization of Twitter for the companies which see in Twitter a simple and affordable way today to address the whole world. He is used by large companies, customary of this type of communications tools, but also by SME, TPE and self-employed persons.
Twitter becomes a tool of more and more fundamental marketing. Twitter allows the companies to build itself and to build their marks, to send and to engage their customers and their users in a unique and singular way with what makes the specificities of Twitter with regard to other platforms and other modes of advertising. Twitter helps companies build their business. It’s for example the case of BPI France that uses Twitter to promote its best practice and support and impulse the companies which are successful.
” BPI France is today capable of conveying a strong message by inviting to use these modern ways of commercial interactions and communication, while pointing out that this is very effective ways, whatever is the size of the company ” explains Damien Viel, managing director of Twitter France.
Will Twitter become completely a business tool ? It’s not even the cas for the moment but companies pay for services and Twitter could resist thanks to that.
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