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cyber navi
Pioneer introduced within the framework of the “Mondial de Paris” a new navigation system “head high” using augmented reality, the Cyber ​​Navi. It will be available in France starting from 2013.
Cyber ​​Navi system consists of a navigation / multimedia receiver as our current GPS plus a “heads up” module that consists of a screen and a projector.
This is fixed in position (hood) and can be guided without lifted your eyes from the road while having access to all the necessary information (speed, GPS navigation …).
The projector displays a color image directly into the field of vision which preserves transparency in the real landscape.
This display mode reduces eye movements and allows the driver to monitor the information instantly without losing sight of the “reality” of traffic.
It is already available in the Japanese market at the starting price of 2920 €. It was announced that the Cyber ​​Navi would be available in France in 2013, but at what price will it be sold on the French market?

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