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What is the Evolution of the Internet to 2020?


Source: http://blog.e-web-solutions.net/difference-among-web-1-0-web-2-0-web-3-0

Web 1.0
From the library where he had to move to acquire knowledge that is believed to be summable, to the Internet where everyone tries to search for information using keywords (Web 1 = global library with directories and search engines).
Web 2.0
Today we want  to have personalization and the production of our own information (Web 2 technologies with its push, its media sharing, collaborative online encyclopedia, geolocation, online office, wikis and blogs).
We head straight to the Web 3.0, emerging information space that we would like semantics and wherein each would dream what  brings information “just in time” for the needs of both educational and professional, even more personal.
Web 3.0
With Web 3.0 a new era appears an era where machines could begin to do things seemingly intelligent.
This new mode of research and could extract and aggregate for example, information sites critical educational resources, to provide understandable information to the user.
So today, for information about a concept, a topic, you must go through long lists of comments gleaned from the web.
With Web 3.0, the system will classify all the comments and find, by cognitive deduction, the right site for your particular need.
We’re not there yet, but what is certain by cons is that we will gradually deport some of the services that we use on the web to our job or to our mobile devices.
Similarly, managing our digital identity, will become even more important.
Web 2020
by Lorenzo ALTESE Master 2 COMELEC Strasbourg

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