To avoid the drift of the health system, the state has developed a reform of which «widespread information sharing is the main focus.” The keystone of this widespread information sharing in the field of health is the Personal Medical Record.

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The Personal Medical Record was created “with the idea of improving the practices of operators in the health system and therefore the quality of care provision.”
It’s a “project of national, innovative and complex interest, which involves cultural and organizational changes as well as the mobilization of financial resources.”
The law of 13 August 2004 with the main objective of reforming the health insurance has introduced the Personal Medical Record, a plan intended to “increase the quality of service provided to the patients by their doctor and contribute to the economic balance”.
The main objectives of the Personal Medical Record are:
– “Improving the practice and the productivity of health workers by implementing a general database,
– Improving quality of care by providing diagnosis and treatment to the patient faster, and an appropriate response to the iatrogenic problem,
– Reducing costs for many redundant acts, therefore unnecessary and generating discomfort for users. ”
To allow an optimal development of Personal Medical Record, plans have been developed such as ASIP Santé.
In addition, it has been adapted so as the treatment of personal medical data is done in line with the confidentiality and ethics.
Moreover, the patient is at the core of the plan because he decides which health professionals can have access to their personal medical file; he can choose to hide some information to these professionals etc…
However, despite the measures taken to encourage patients to create their own Personal Medical Record, it seems that health professionals are not sufficiently aware of this device.
In fact, the Personal Medical Record is considered expensive and not enough used by health professionals to overcome these difficulties, the idea of ​​a Personal Medical Record “second generation” was launched that would involve more professionals to the device.

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