The increase of the QR-codes

The new form of getting information, are the QR-codes. QR means quick response. What can be the use of a QR-code?
The QR-code is a two-dimensional (2D) bar code and was for the first time designed in Japan, for the automotive industry. The huge advantage of this type of bar code is that you can get the information faster then before. For example, in 2006, the world champion needed 42 seconds to tip an SMS with 160 signs. An URL address can contain 250 signs. So the world champion will need more than a minute to tip the URL-adress into the browser. So when you scan the QR-code, a program analyses it and decodes the information faster than every human being.

What kind of information can the QR-code contain?
Several informations can be transformed into a QR-code: a telephone number, an SMS, a link, a text or a Vcard with name, telephone number and e-mail address.

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