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Steve Jobs — one of the our day’s legend , the person who changed the world, high technology’s famous businessmen with his individual points of view, dissent and mutinous behaviour.

There are a lot of books about him but just Icon is more colourful and interesting. Also this book has been translated in many languages.
This book became notorious at the stage of its printing preparation. After receiving a copy of the manuscript review this book and all publications from Wiley & Son were prohibited to sell in all Apple stores.
Steve Jobs was waxed indignant over what he saw about his private life’s aspects with were exhibited in public. Great job have been done by journalists Jeffrey Young and William Simon they spent a lot of meetings and interviews to get material for publication.
Steven Paul Jobs – the man who radically changed three sectors of modern life – film industry, music and computers.
During childhood period Steve Jobs was marked by independent mentality. Lately his frame of mind had been capitalized to slogan «Think different!». For example Bill Gates is careful millionaire guy against Steve Jobs who is unshaved , crazy with experience of LSD using, deep in India. They like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in highs technology market. Fans of both have always been and will always be…….
What more can I say? Interesting book about a great person………………….

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