Contactless technology, a true technological revolution

To pay with a credit card or a smartphone, will be possible in a few months in Europe with contactless technology. What are the consequences for our daily lives? What security problems will appear with these new cards? What are the benefits for consumers?
Launched in 2010 in France, a new means of payment is conquering consumers, contactless payment with a credit card or a smartphone. In 2013, approximately eight million contactless transactions were recorded in France, and this number is constantly growing.
So, what are the advantages and shortcomings of contactless payment? How does this technology work?   Is this method successful beyond our borders?
Today in some stores in Paris, it is possible to pay without contact. For a payment of less than 20 Euros, no need to type the code,transactions can be up to two times faster and it avoids having to go to the ATM because even very small amounts are accepted.
There is no minimum amount in this type of payment.A trader need not necessarily have the money or have a credit card, because everything is in his phone. (suite…)

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