Importance of logistics in e-commerce

Because of the huge increase of e-commerce, more and more people see the importance of logistics. When we speak about logistics, most of the people think of delivery, but in fact, logistics is a broader concept than delivery, it is only one step of logistics. In a general business sense,…

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Google and the fresh grocery delivery

Amazon is trying a new experience: to deliver meals. The big market place called it “Amazon Restaurants”. Meanwhile, the biggest search engine did not wait to launch its own project. Google will try to deliver fresh food in 2 cities in the USA. The first city is San Francisco, the second is not known at the moment.



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Delivery reinvented: Amazon is testing drones in India

What do you think about getting your parcel 90 minutes after you placed your order online? ? It may become a common way to send parcels in few years according to Amazon. The online retailer presented “Prime Air” in December 2013, its new delivery service by drone. The system will be soon tested in India.

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India is the perfect test area for commercial drones:
A lot of obstacles were in Amazon’s way in December 2013, when they presented their new idea. These impediments were mostly present  on the legal side. In the United States or other countries,  there are strict regulations regarding to remote controlled pilotless aircrafts.
Strict rules foresee that each drone needs federal approval to be allowed to flight. Hence, it is not possible to test it in the US for now. That’s why Amazon decided to launch the test phase in India. India is attractive because the country has fewer regulations on the unmanned aerial devices. The e-commerce giant wants to begin in Mumbai and Bangalore, where its warehouses are located. (suite…)

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