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It is common to hear that artificial intelligence will soon end up replacing many jobs. It is true, some of them have been replaced by robots. Where once there were people, such as at a ticket office or toll booth, today there are machines. But what about more complex jobs like writing an article or painting? Well, there are now computers capable of doing that. The real question is not whether technology will eventually replace the job of a copywriter, but when.

An imminent future

According to IBM, artificial intelligence is a field that combines computer science and robust databases to enable problem solving. This technology can be applied in different sectors, one of them being web writing.

For now, AI serves as a support for writers, as it is able to produce text imitating human style.  This tool is used to create web content such as blogs, social networks, advertising campaigns and so on. However, it can also be used in essays and research papers.

For now, AI is not replacing humans, on the contrary, it is helping us. This technology can create creative content much faster than a human can. The writer can focus on the originality of his or her text, leaving grammar and syntax aside, as this is taken care of by the AI. The latter is also able to adapt the content, i.e. whether a more formal or informal tone is sought.

Robots capable of writing like humans

One of the main features of this technology is the ability to use natural language. That is to say, the AI seeks to make its writing similar to that of a human, so that it is imperceptible that a machine is involved. The most popular tool that creates content using structured language is the GPT-3 algorithm, developed by OpenAI.

This technology searches for words and information in a huge database to obtain accurate and, above all, natural results. In other words, similar to those of a human. This algorithm is capable of producing paragraphs and even complete texts in everyday speech in almost any language.

This process of producing written and even spoken narratives using AI and databases is called natural language generation (NLG). This method involves computational linguistics, natural language processing (NLP), as well as natural language understanding (NLU). Its main feature is the search of phrases in large databases to produce content that is understandable and natural to a human.

Advantages of this artificial intelligence

As mentioned above, this technology is helping rather than replacing the human (for now). Unlike a person, it does not get hungry, does not get tired and can work 24/7 if required. These tools present a number of advantages for web copywriters such as :

  • Intelligent grammar correction: they are able to detect grammatical and syntax errors and correct them before the article is published.
  • Plagiarism avoidance: AI can rephrase an entire text resulting in a 100% original publication.
  • Improve the quality of content: The algorithm assists the writer to check the quality of the content, as well as its readability. An example is the WordPress tool Yoast.
  • Summarise information: AI is able to detect the most relevant content of one or several articles, analyse it and summarise it.

For now, this technology cannot completely replace the human being. It is necessary that a person makes the creative writing content and optimises it with the help of these tools. A possible future would be to imagine a kind of “teamwork” instead of seeing the machine as an enemy to be defeated.