The video is integrated into the Slack network…

In this article, we focus on market news that has reacted to the community using this network as a professional means for their work and daily meetings in recent days.

Salesforce has always thought of improving and developing the Slack network so that it is a real lever for transformation, and this since its acquisition. The good news is the announcement related to the possibility of making and launching meetings and video calls and thus improvised with its Huddles functionality. This feature was implemented a year ago, and it already made it possible to quickly manage and create audio chat rooms from the taskbar in order to launch discussions between co-workers, or on a meeting topic. given or to launch a quick, unannounced exchange between friends or colleagues, as well as for some questions with immediate answers.

This new feature of spontaneous exchanges and digitization of video facilitates use, and which also represents a necessary digitization for project teams who are now sometimes more fragmented and more motivated by the use of this tool. Users no longer need to switch to other remote video applications such as Teams or Zoom to carry out exchanges or to meet, and now have the possibility of making conferences by Huddles and having the visibility put in place by Slack to access it or the decision not to communicate. There is still the audio option which always gives the possibility on Slack to limit the use of videoconferencing, something which sometimes influences the motivation and productivity of teams within companies. This invention is the result of several feedback from users and needs expressed most of the time through requests during meetings or exchanges between employees, which will give the possibility of having a more pleasant and faster discussion space. access for companies especially for the professional world.

It should also be noted that the publisher wanted, through this new feature, to give the possibility during an exchange between two participants to share their screen simultaneously and to exchange around this content by using, for example, highlighting, or a discussion thread or facilitated captures.

Curious users and through this functionality or this new use, Slack has been able to renovate its exchange interfaces and this has allowed it to consolidate and confirm its location and positioning but also its classification with other applications and tools, so all this allows to uses and explorers to test and have new possibilities of uses, at a time when we find that versions and modes of organization and teamwork are in full mutation and instantaneous development.



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