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Like callcenters, SEO (search enginge optimization) strategies are increasingly outsourced to developing countries. Nowadays, we can find them in a lot of developing countries. They can be found on internet or they might directly send emails to startups or companies to offer their services. It may be agencies or freelancers.
Companies work on their SEO strategy in order to appear on the first page of search engines, especially on Google. But if you don’t choose experts, you may be disappointed and get the opposite result. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your SEO ?


  • The services are cheaper. It is especially attractive for startups because they can’t invest a lot.
  • There is a lot of competitiveness among overseas agencies so you can expect them to work hard in order to avoid losing clients.
  • There’s no need to think about new office space and equipment. There’s not even the need to care about training new employees.



  • They might use improper methods, listed as black hat SEO because they are not truly involved in your strategy and aims. So instead of being listed on the first page of Google, you can get penalised by Google. For example, some “SEO experts” use blacklinks to make sites appear on the first page of Google. When Google suspects this however, these sites can be sent in the “sandbox”, and their rank might drop. It will take a lot of times  and effort to get a better rank after that.
  • Low quality content: your language is their second language. So besides grammatical mistakes, they might also provide exotic content or other black hat SEO technics.
  • It’s not easy to judge from afar which agency is serious or not.

So in what circumstances can website’s owner outsource his SEO strategy?
They will have to stay focused on their aims and choose experts that will care about them . “Why are you doing SEO ? What is your strategy?” And then they have to choose experts that will assure them a big return on their SEO.

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