Today, the marketing is present in our everyday life and even seems to have become essential. There are even more and more diversified techniques in order to touch a wide audience.    SoWine is a specialized agency in wine communication and advertisement proposing a focus on four marketing important points. This analyse concerns 2018 and can certainly be spread to other sectors.

To begin with, the first trend is to “answer the quest of sense of the consumer”. The buyer tries to hear and to create a story with every product he consumes. He wants to live his own experience and to feel close to the wine grower. Indeed, in 2018, a real need for customization exists and must be satisfied to hope, on the long term, for the development of the customer loyalty.
Then, the second trend focuses on “the voice command thanks to the artificial intelligence”. Connected objets such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa become more and more used.
The third trend concerns “the division of the e-commerce” and exists because in 2018, the amateurs of wine can realize their purchases via specialized applications but also on the social networks (via “to buy” on Instagram or the chatbot on Facebook) or with vocal assistants.
The last trend is “responsible marketing ” and is important because the social responsibility of companies takes a considerable place. The consumers are from now asking for more responsible products which have positive impacts, whether it is for the buyer, the company or the planet.
Consequently, almost all the countries are producing wine and therefore, the market becomes more and more voluminous. That is why the marketing aspect of this sector is not negligible. The points revealed by the SoWine agency probably represent methods to be taken into account for other domains trying to reach the whole world.
Appointment at the end of 2018 to observe these tendencies..