Several digital actors have committed to the fight against ” fake news “. Recently, a new digital actor has joined the movement. This actor is Mozilla, the non profit organization behind the well-known web browser Firefox.
Misinformation – or ” fake news ” as usually called –  is false or inaccurate information that can be released on the internet intentionally to deceive or mislead. Social networks are one of the channels where misinformation spreads real quick. Nonetheless, more and more actors try to tackle this phenomenon and lessen its consequences.
Mozilla has officially announced the launch of its new project called ” MITI ” which stands for Mozilla Information Trust Initiative. According to Mozilla, MITI’s main goal would be to ” keep the internet credible and healthy “. MITI should bring together products, research, communities and even solutions to fight misinformation.
MITI will essentially focus on 4 main areas:

  • product: Mozilla intends to partner with media and other actors to develop products that will help to tackle the issues of misinformation;
  • literacy: It will consist in fighting misinformation through internet users’ education;
  • research: Research is a fundamental element. Mozilla wants to understand the phenomenon in order to effectively fight it. The organization intends to conduct researches regarding the effect of misinformation on the web users experience;
  • creative intervention: Mozilla wants to position itself as a support for any innovation going in the direction of the fight against misinformation.

MITI would therefore be a tool but also a hand extended by Mozilla to anyone wishing to participate to the fight against misinformation.

A propos de Cyndi Essivi GBOFU