A particular brand of electronic pickpocketing came out,and the name of the felony is RFID Skimming and it is about the Radio Frequency Identification Device or smart card. The evolution of the numerical world and electronics assets, bring a new way to the thief: hackers pickpocket, no violence, no aggression, they can just take all your personal information by a receiving transmitter system with a precise location.
How does it work?
Credit card, passport, driving license have the chip of radiofrequency identification. These cards are the paypass paywave or mastercard for the quick purchase.. the technology of RFID allow to decode the information of card only by placing it on a receiver , this mode is increasingly used in shops because it has certain advantages for the consumers, the easily way to pay doesn’t need to input the code just swipe it, you can recognize them by their logo of three wave which looks like the image of wifi .

There are much easier and more effective ways to steal people’s money and data.It is very easy for hacker to buy or transform an electronic device into a reader.
So they just have to pass by a person who has this kind of card in their wallet to capture their credit card information without any contact. They get your credit card number, expiration date and name, in short, all you need to make purchases with it.
How can we protect ourselves about this fraud?
To keep your personal information safety, you have to put an aluminium foil on it or to buy the “RFID-blocking wallet”, of course it is a business but that work, and it protect you most valuable information. The protect wallet, like this one from Swiss Alpine and this one from Buxton, claim to do something more than just keep your cards and money organized. They claim to keep your personal information safe from high-tech thieves.
Others way where the RFID puce is used
Around the world, thousands of people have been implanted the rfid chip under the skin and can not be removed, the implant allows the identification at any time and any place via reading devices.
This chip is used for all kinds of user: rich parents make it implanted on their children because they fear that their kids be kidnapped, as for prisoners and delinquent peoples, by replacing the electronic bracelet or even in the medical field for the demential patient.

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