The community management is a new kind of job created to optimize the marketing and develop the content marketing in interaction with the different social media.
With the expansion of social media, companies see an opportunity to touch a lot of people with low costs. The return of investment is huge and they are understanding it.
In the different social media, the idea is to develop the ads on it and make growing your own fan page to create a community hosted by the community manager.
The goal of the community manager is to liven the web page to generate traffic and develop the users experience and create a feeling of community around the brand.
It’s effective: for instance, on the Facebook page of Nike; there are 27,973,940 likes, Price minister 735,745 likes, Coca cola 104,052,587 likes. Many people like the page of distinct brands and participate with the community manager to animate and bring life to the fan page on the social media.
The community manager should enliven this page to generate traffic and create the appeal of the service or product proposed by the company. It’s a job which take a long time because a good page is a page with (different) updated contents, posted everyday – or even every hour in certain situations.
To animate the page on the social media, there is lot of solution :

  1. to talk with the community
  2. to present a product with offbeat humour or in a funny way
  3. to share funny pictures or gif to animate the page again. For example, the Price Minister loves to put a funny gif the Monday morning to prove it’s hard to get up.

And finally, there is the game contest, an old concept brought up to date for internet and for the 2.0 world . The concept is that the community manager set up a game contest on the page of the company. The entrants can win a prize just by subscribing and/or sharing the publication to touch more people.
It’s effective to pick up data of the potential customers and animate the page with a game contest and increase the engagement rate. The easier is the subscription to the game, the more people would participate.
For example, Price minister made a game contest in partner with a French movie. The prize was a trip for two people in Thailand.
To make this game operational, the price minister’s community management should consider the wanted visibility, the mechanics of the game and the presents to put forward.
The prize was the trip, the mechanic was a lottery playable every day on Facebook. To increase the virality, each person could invite its Facebook friends to have more opportunities to win.
The objective was to increase the movie visibility and to bring in people who do not buy usually.
After seven days, the operation marketing was a success. 25,000 participations and a good rate of virality. The community manager of Price Minister was very happy and satisfied of this game contest in the social media.
To conclude, the community manager is nowadays essential to develop a global marketing with a huge target.
This process can build the link between the company and the customers with a creation of a community. The game contest is very trendy and is effective to receive a lot of data and new customer or fan on the social media page. You should not under estimate the power of the game contest on the different social media, it’s always well received by the community and by the company.