Spectacles would be the first product of snap Inc. , formerly known as Snapchat Inc from the name of the popular social media app. The company is stepping foot in the market of smart glasses with its camera glasses “the Spectacles”.
Google brought smart glasses to us in 2013. Unfortunately, they encounter a huge failure, as users did not fall for it. Unlike most smart glasses, Spectacles have a more fun appearance. They look like any modern sunglasses and are 3 colors available: teal, black, and coral
The spectacles are more a camera glass than a real smart glass. They, actually, don’t have all the functionalities of a smart glass. Spectacles are sunglasses with integrated camera with which you can record a 10 second video. You can start recording by tapping a button on the top left corner of the sunglasses. The recorded videos are made to be shared on Snapchat only. The glasses are directly connected to the app and therefore you can transfer the videos in your stories by WiFi or by Bluetooth. The glasses will be delivered in a charging case accompanied of a cable. They will cost approximately 130 dollars. The spectacles can be bought in bots. Those are ephemeral spots.
In general,the biggest problem that appeared with the use of smart glasses the privacy problem. Though it is not totally resolved by Snap Inc. they tried to bring an innovation. There is a circular LED on the top-right of the glasses, which lights up when the user of spectacles is recording. Therefore anybody can know if someone is recording even though that doesn’t seem that much protective.
Nevertheless how fun the product appears, it mostly seems as a product for snapchatters only. You have to be a snapchat fan and user to really appreciate Spectacles. Still a question remains: in a selfie world will these outwards use camera to find their places? Guess we’ll have to wait a little bit till the launch of the product to get this answer.
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