Imagine being able to walk around a 3D image created by legendary Disney animator and then try your hand at editing it. This is Tilt Brush !


It’s a program by a team that was purchased by Google in April of last year and it’s one of the game he’ll get for free by pre-ordering the HTC by virtual reality headset.

It’s hard to explain what makes the program so special without giving people an actual demo so they can see and use it for themselves but it’s heart TILT Brushes paiting program for virtual reality. After around two weeks of testing everything we can try and the platform it’s also one of our favorite and most intuitive virtual reality experiences so far. One hand is your brush the other is your palate in a selection of tools and effects.

You are drawing sculpture in 3D space but it’s not an intimidating process. I’ve shown brush to friends family and my children and everyone nearly instantly understands how to use it as fun doing so. many of the paintings and senior seeing here created by professional artists are enthusiasts. It’s simple thing to capture video heating process for Youtube you can also share or load files with other people who own HTC vives sot hey can only watch how you lay down your brush troops Russell walk around the finish work.

The actors drawing in virtual reality using all three dimensions and making these long sweeping gestures on most people to get dance as much as it feels a painting or drawing you’re able to make these large grand motions with your entire body when creating.

The Art creater by old pressure is not a painting north of 3D bottle . it’s really something in between in the ability to create scenes for other people to explore is one of the best aspects of program.

What you have a copy of someone else tilt file you can also edit the work paid over around their creation and then revert the save file with no harm done.

I can be hard to explain what makes brusher specials, watching people create things in person or even from within the program goes a long way so fresh launches alongside HTC of this April.

thumb_IMG_3348_1024Mona GHAFOURI ESFAHANI. Etudiante en M2 Commerce Electronique, je suis intéressée  par les nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication. Je suis aussi passionnée par l’informatique notamment la sécurité de base de données.

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