Launched in the middle of september 2013, « the phone worth keeping » knew a real success. The Dutch designer Dave Hakkens was surrounded with great partners. Photo article 2.1 Nowadays, the project received more than 18 millions views on Youtube. So the goal of 10.000 supporters on Facebook was cracked and uploaded to 100.000 (350.000 « likes », today). The idea of the ultimate phone platform pleased most of us. As he hoped, the community spread the word through the world.
Iphone, Galaxy, Nexus… All of them have in common the fact that they become useless at the end of 3 or 4 years. Phonebloks purpose is not to replace the entire engine, but only the part that becomes obsolete (camera, memory card, new battery, display…). Like lego, we can build our phone. A phone that is exactly what you need.
In order to develop, they meet many constructors. But only one accepted the challenge : Motorolla, the creator of the 1st mobile phone (in 1973 was the first mobile call, and in 1983 it was launched the first mobile phone). Moreover they revealed that they were working, for one year, on a modular phone concept : Project ARA. Coincidence or pure fate, the project is quite similar to Phonebloks. Although this partnership, Phonebloks wants to stay an independent organization and this is why they ask for donations. However, if they succeed to make it real, we, the customers, will be the ones to win. Oh, I forgot… Motorolla was acquired by… Google. They find all the good deals!
The base, the endo, holds all the modules in place. It is composed of a motherboard, a CPU[1] and different bloks. Ara already proposed a design.
Photo article 2.2
They plan, in a few months, to send invitaions the developpers to start creating modules for the Ara platform. Furthermore they create an UGC[2] platform, for the community to share ideas, thoughts, join discussions, give feedback. A kind of an open-source online platform which helps developing with large companies as well as individuals. Everyone can reduce their e-waste, by choosing biodegradable bloks, secon-hand, or buy bloks produced localy. Everyone will choose wisely what he needs.

[1]Central processing unit
[2]User general content

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