A new technology that helps referees in their goal decisions will be introduced for the world cup 2014 in Brazil. This has been confirmed by the FIFA Président Sepp Blatter, after a successful trial period at the Club World Cup in december 2012 in Japan. The modern referee assistant is a goal-line technology which will be installed in all the 12 stadiums, for the next world cup.
The aim is to use goal-line technology in order to support the match officials and to help them make fewer mistakes. There are different technologies available in the market. Two systems have been tested last december.

Source: everystockphoto.com

The first one is a camera-based system called Hawk-Eye, wich is also used in tennis games and cricket. It is a complex computer system which tracks the trajectory of the ball and displays a record of its most statistically likely path as a moving image. The FIFA admits Hawk-Eye goal-line technology will be considered if the system’s developers guarantee a 100% success rate.

The second one is called GoalRef. This technology works by detecting the passage of the ball using magnetic induction. Another particularity is that the GoalRef has a chip within the ball. The signals from the ball are intercepted by receivers fitted on the goal and transmitted to a receiver placed at the referee’s wrist.
Other technologies are being analyzed by Fifa and could compete with the first two systems.
The demand for technology on the goal line has increased in recent seasons after a series of incidents that have made a lot of noise, including Frank Lampard’s denied goal as the ball had crossed the goal line at the game between England and Germany at the FIFA world cup in South Africa.