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Recruitment is a major issue for all companies. Finding the best talent for key positions is a complex and time-consuming task. However, the rise of e-recruitment revolutionized the world of recruitment.

E-recruitment is an online recruitment method that uses information technology to post job openings, screen candidates, conduct online interviews, and manage the entire recruitment process. This method allows recruiters to reach a wider audience of candidates and streamline the recruitment process.

E-recruitment has many advantages for recruiters. Firstly, it reduces the costs associated with recruitment. Companies can save on advertising costs and travel costs associated with job interviews. In addition, e-recruitment saves companies time. Recruiters can quickly sort through applications and identify the most qualified candidates, significantly reducing the time needed to review resumes.

In addition, e-recruitment allows you to reach a wider audience of candidates. Job offers can be posted on specialized websites, social networks and even dedicated recruitment platforms. This allows you to reach potential candidates who would not otherwise be available.

Candidates can also benefit from e-recruitment. They can easily apply for jobs online, without having to physically go to the office or send paper applications. Candidates can apply for jobs at any time, allowing them to find jobs that match their skills and needs.

However, e-recruitment also has some challenges. Firstly, companies must be able to effectively screen applications to identify the most qualified candidates. In addition, companies must ensure that recruitment processes are fair and do not discriminate against candidates based on race, gender or ethnicity.

In conclusion, e-recruitment is an online recruitment method that has revolutionized the recruitment world. While e-recruitment has advantages for both recruiters and candidates, it is essential to combine it with other recruitment methods to achieve the best results.


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