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Diabeloop’s artificial pancreas : to a better quality of life

Diabeloop is a young independent French company. Its main activity is to develop disruptive technological innovations for diabetes treatment to improve its patient’s quality of life. From the 8th to the 11th January 2019,...


The E-Skin : a new tech with multiple possibility !

A team of Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo led by professors Takao Someya and Tomoyuki Yokota created expandable, ultra-thin and breathable electronic skin that can measure and display information using micro-LEDs.  ...

Mission accomplished for electronic range HAPIfork 0

Mission accomplished for electronic range HAPIfork

The Girondin Fabrice Boutain, CEO of the French company Slowcontrol has captivated America during the show high tech 2013 International CES in Las Vegas with electronic range HAPIfork. HAPIfork is a smart range that...