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  After raising over $ 55 million and cooperating an decent cooperation gained with the world’s largest banks, Ripple is aiming to transform the international bank exchange. The decision of the American start-up Ripple...



Monero est une une cryptomonnaie très confidentielle, créée en avril 2014. Cette monnaie a connu une grande monté de sa valeur après l’acceptation de l’intégrer comme monnaie de paiement dans Alphabay, le grand site de...

The Bitcoin: history and evolution 2/2 0

The Bitcoin: history and evolution 2/2

Acquiring bitcoins Bitcoins can be bought and sold (ie. exchanged for real currency) to and from individuals or companies. Most known platforms like Bitstamp, Mt.Gox, Btc-e and BtcChina use a bid / ask system....

The Bitcoin: history and evolution 1/2 0

The Bitcoin: history and evolution 1/2

What is the Bitcoin? The bitcoin, literally a coin made of bits, is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency created in 2009 by an anonymous developer known under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Its symbol is BTC....

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