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Freshhema——Fresh distribution retail supermarkets launched an offensive in the Chinese market.

  Boston lobster, Russian king crab, British bread crab… dozens of fresh seafood ingredients, free delivery within 3 km after placing an order with your mobile phone, 30 minutes delivery. In 2018, fresh supermarkets...


Smart restaurant will change your life.

Recently, an intelligent noodle vending machine appears in Shanghai, China. Although this smart machine is still in the testing phase, a widespread concern has already focused on it. Compared with the common beverage vending...


Le business des enveloppes rouges sur Wechat

Le nouvel an chinois a eu lieu le mois dernier et traditionnellement, les chinois donnent aux enfants des Hongbao (des “enveloppes rouges”) contenant de l’argent, ce qui porte bonheur. Mais en raison de l’utilisation...