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Amazon : une intelligence artificielle de recrutement sexiste ?

        En 2014, Amazon a voulu automatiser ses recrutements grâce à la mise en place d’une intelligence artificielle (IA) secrète. Malheureusement, le géant a dû l’abandonner car elle discriminait les femmes. ...

HSBC launches new digital laboratory in Paris 0

HSBC launches new digital laboratory in Paris

HSBC has launched a new innovative project at La Défense to develop the structure in the new digital channels. This innovation lab for international business operations is not only the result of a program...


Foodvisor : image recognition-AI to prevent nutritional disorders

Foodvisor is a french start-up which uses artificial intelligence (AI)  and image recognition to serve a daily-life problem : eating disorders. It proves that the use of those technologies isn’t reserved only for research, or...