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Sur quel média social est-il essentiel de faire de la publicité ?

La réponse est simple, sur le média social qui apporte le plus de circulation. Et sur le marché des médias sociaux, une entreprise en particulier domine de façon outrageuse ses concurrents, Facebook. Nous pouvons...


A substantial European Commission’s fine looming over Google

Android’s dominant position on the market helped Google to abuse and to promote their own services and apps, while imposing severe conditions over mobile network operators and manufacturers and thus, brushing aside competitors’ solutions....

Behavioral retargeting 0

Behavioral retargeting

Since the beginning of internet, many ways have been found in order to incite net users to buy online. But recently, a new method has appeared: retargeting.

Trade tweets for treats with Kellogg’s Tweet Shop 0

Trade tweets for treats with Kellogg’s Tweet Shop

If celebrities can earn thousands of dollars for tweeting about a company, why should we do it for free? Well, with Kellogg’s ephemeral tweet shop, people can at least get a bag of crisps...

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