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Smart Building : the revolution of the 3D printer !

The 3D printer was created between 1983 and 1986 by Charles Hull and the first three-dimensional printer was officially marketed in 1986. Its democratization is due to its wide affordability, making it nowadays revolutionary because...

Le père de l’imprimante 3D récompensé 0

Le père de l’imprimante 3D récompensé

Chaque année, l’Office Européen des Brevets récompense les meilleurs inventeurs européens. En 2014, c’est l’américain Charles Hull, considéré comme le père de l’imprimante 3D, qui a été récompensé dans la catégorie “pays non européen”.

3D printer used to save lives 0

3D printer used to save lives

Despite all this talk about the plastic guns that can be created by a 3D printer, this incredible technology can also accomplish extraordinary achievements in medicine. In fact, a tiny airway splint was created...

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