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New leak of American voters’ data: the case of Chicago.

Protecting the privacy and data of US citizens seems to be a true assault course. Remember, on last June 12, a leak of nearly 25 terabytes of “sensitive” data was revealed by security researcher...


The United States’ government has banned federal agencies from using cybersecurity software provided by Russian company Kaspersky Lab

On September 13, 2017 the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke, issued a Binding Operational Directive (BOD) directing Federal Executive Branch departments and agencies to take actions related to the use or presence...


Marcus Hutchins : hacker éthique ou malveillant ?

Célèbre pour avoir mis un coup d’arrêt au non moins connu rançongiciel Wannacry, Marcus Hutchins, citoyen britannique de 23 ans, a été arrêté le 2 août dernier lors d’une conférence sur la cybersécurité à...

Capture d'écran de l'application M-ticket du réseau Tadao de Lens permettant deux sortes de validation 0

What Is Mobile Ticketing and How It Revolutionizes Transportation for Travellers and Cities

It is now more and more familiar to travel thanks to its mobile phone by train, buses and other means of transport. But what is M-ticketing and what are the best examples of this...


Nimb is a smart ring with a panic button that helps you feel safe by secretly notifying preset contacts when you are in trouble

The Nimb Ring, which includes a panic button, is a perfect solution for those who have ever been in an unsafe situation and understand that creeping sensation of dread or worry that no one...


Le Remarketing sur le réseau Display : avantages et inconvénients

Le remarketing est une technique webmarketing de ciblage qui permet d’identifier les personnes ayant déjà visité votre site web pour leur présenter des annonces lorsqu’elles naviguent sur Google ou des sites du réseau Display....

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