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Smart restaurant will change your life.

Recently, an intelligent noodle vending machine appears in Shanghai, China. Although this smart machine is still in the testing phase, a widespread concern has already focused on it. Compared with the common beverage vending...


Personal data legal framework: comparative law between France and USA

Most people know this: our personal data is at the core of the web business model. In this way, protecting our personal data is an important challenge. However, the most of the actors in...


Les prix du papier augmentent le coût de E-commerce, un carton a provoqué l’effet papillon.

Par la politique de protection de l’environnement de la Chine en 2017, les coûts de la production de carton en Chine ont augmenté de 75%. Les coûts montant du carton ont eu un impact...


Bikesharing : Mobike et Ofo

“Bike-sharing”, vélo partage ou vélo en libre-service en français, est un service d’économie collaborative. Il consiste à mettre à disposition des vélos pour des périodes courtes. Il permet l’emprunt d’un deux roues en un point A...


Tez, the ultrasonic mobile payment solution by Google in India

  In September, Google entered into the Indian payment space by releasing it’s new application called « Tez », which means « fast » in Indian. Google decided to attack the Asian payment market, where mobiles aren’t as...

Uber attack, the sound of silence 0

Uber attack, the sound of silence

http://www.freepik.com”>Designed by Freepik We learned the 21st November that Uber has been hacked and more than 57 million users were stolen all around the world. The most surprising is the date of the attack...

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