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Online dispute resolution : the european Union’s plaform in brief

  On December 1st 2017, the European Commission released a final report on the first year of functionning of its ODR (online dispute resolution) platform. As a reminder, the directive on consumer ADR (aternative...

The creation of an app store for Alexa 0

The creation of an app store for Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant that is integrated into Echo, the firm’s smart speaker. Nowadays, there are more than 30 000 skills or apps available for Alexa and the aim of the company is...


La Bande Dessinée et le numérique

  La bande dessinée s’entend d’une catégorie d’édition graphique d’œuvres originales au format multicases, dessinées de la main de l’auteur. Le roman-photo s’apparente également à cette forme d’expression graphique narrative à la différence du...

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