Master 2 E-Commerce

(in the specialization of Digital Economy Management and Law)

Pedagogic objectives

This managerial education (not a technical educational) for executives trainees which are to :

  • integrate ICT (information and communication technologies) in the company’s business strategy and the global digital economy issues.
  • conceive, develop, plan and manage commercial projects or online services (e-business).
  • to manage a multidisciplinary team involved in e-business projects by making easier the achievement of qualitative and quantitative objectives.
  • to study managerial and technical aspects related on ICT practices by taking account of a responsible and sustainable approach.

Concerned target

  • Graduated in master 1 degree
  • Graduated in a lower degree but justifying a successful professional experience. Validation of compatibility by the pedagogical commission.


EU1 introducing digital economy and information processing.

  • Europe & France in the Digital Economy – best IT practices in Germany.
  • Innovation policy : knowledge regions and clusters , ITC and sustainable development – Smartgrids issues.
  • Economic Models & information processing : Business Models, Economic Model of a market place.
  • Knowldege management, social networks.
  • Cyberthreats.

EU2 Issues and legal framework of internet and e-commerce :

  • Individual freedoms, commerce freedoms, cyber criminality ;
  • Legal issues of the Web 2.0, responsibilities of the actors ;
  • Copyright applied to the internet and right of multimedia ;
  • Brand rights, domain name and others distinctive signs ;
  • Consumer protection ;
  • E-contract. E-signature. M-payment and tax system ;
  • Community law ECCnet.

EU3 E-services and e-business platform 1 :

  • Technical approach : technologies, software … ;
  • Information security ;
  • ECD and dematerialized exchanges ;
  • Data bases ;
  • Data warehouse ERP, SAP ;
  • Online transactions / payment module ;
  • Benchmarking of e-business platforms ;
  • Logistic, Cloud computing and externalization models (SAAS-IAAS…).

EU4 Platform of E-services and e-business 2 :

  • Mobiles services portals ;
  • Web creation :
    • Specifications ;
    • Electronic writing ;
    • Graphic interface ;
    • Graphic realization ;
    • Design, navigation, ergonomics ;
  • Evaluation and measures :
    • Website audit ;
    • Evaluation of the online commercial offer ;

EU5 Marketing an intercultural environment :

  • Marketing management :
    • Marketing ;
    • Basis of the CRM ;
  • Cultural and organizational approach :
    • Cultural approach of the web and artistic supervision ;
    • Virtual communities : marketing approach ;
    • Daring changes. Cultural differences.

EU6 Cybermarketing and business strategy :

  • Cybermarketing :
    • To advertise a website
    • Website referencing
  • E-business strategy :
    • E-business and business strategy
    • ICT and multi-channel strategy, mobility, VOD
    • Marketing Services
    • Marketplaces
    • Business strategy and web
    • E-export strategy

EU7 : Employability

  • Integreted to the ETENA Project (Entrepreneurial Students in Alsace)
  • Firm positioning strategy
  • Project management and communication
  • Finance plan, quality approach
  • Legal approach of the firm and technology watching
  • Project support and follow-up
  • Juridical and technical english
  • CLESS 3 (Higher Education Langage Competences Certification) and C2I (Informatics and Internet Certificate) certifications preparation
  • 4 to 6 month intership

Teaching methods

The teaching methods are varied and interactive: courses, lectures and debate, case studies,
projects as a team, seminars and testimonies of professionals, Collaborative platform and of
business watching, Blog, international week.

Scientific Leaders

  • Giuseppe DIANA : Master of conferences in Economic Sciences
  • Kostas NANOPOULOS : Master of conferences in management sciences
  • Catherine LEDIG : Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law


  • Duration : 426 hours, 60 European Credits Transfer System (ECTS)
  • Dates: from November 30, 2011 at October 15, 2012
  • Location : University of Strasbourg – Faculty of Law – 1 place d’Athènes BP 66 67045

Informations and registration

03 68 85 81 07

Stakeholders in the Master 2 Pathways Electronic Commerce

Teachers academic researchers of UDS Professionnal
Bouvel Adrien
De Quenaudon René
Diana Giuseppe
Duong Alexandre
Durin Maryline
Freyman Claude
Guittard Claude
Hassler Theophile
Kostas Nanopoulos
Philippe Nanopoulos
Ledig Catherine
Liouville Jacques
Macrez Franck
Marino Laure
Mayer Warden
Auberger Gilles
Battaglia Eddie
Bessin Christophe
Bloch Bernard
Bour Pierre
Braun Félix
Dejonquère Jean S
El Yaagoubi Hamza
Flauder Damien
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Heckmann Marc
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Me Klein Aurélie
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