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Uber Freight : la nouvelle application de transport de marchandises par camions

La nouvelle application lancée aux Etats-Unis par Uber, appelée Uber freight veut faciliter le transport de marchandises par camions. Ce lancement fait écho à l’acquisition d’Otto par Uber, qui œuvre dans le transport autonome par camions. Uber...


The adoption of the Privacy Shield by the European Commission

On 12th July 2016 the European Commission finally adopted the Privacy Shield adequacy decision recognizing a “substantially equivalent level of protection” to European standards defined by the Directive of 1995. It sets a new...


Olli, the 3D printed autonomous minibus

The IBM computer company and  Local Motors, the leading vehicle technology integrator and creator of the world’s first 3D-printed cars, introduced  last Thursday, (June 16th, 2016), in National Harbor (Washington), the first self-driving vehicle...