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Artificial neural networks: the future of machine translation

The concept of machine translation dates back decades. At first, it was just a rule-based machine translation system. Then in the 80s researchers developed statistical machines translation. But in the twenty-first century, the leap...


LG Electronics s’attaque au marché de l’intelligence artificielle avec sa marque LG ThinQ

D’après une étude réalisée par l’International Data Corporation (IDC), le marché de l’intelligence artificielle (IA) et des systèmes cognitifs pourrait atteindre 46 milliards de dollars en 2020. De ce fait, les géants du web...

The rule of smart contracts in Financial transactions 0

The rule of smart contracts in Financial transactions

The smart contracts allow the monetary values to be exchanged in financial transactions in a transparent and reliable way, and reassured that there is no need to go through an intermediary to guarantee the...