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Movement from E to M commerce – The evolving future mode of business

  The impact of the Internet on E-Commerce The Internet and e-commerce will never be independent but combining them as a tool which leads the transformation and innovation in traditionals industries. More and more...


Tez, the ultrasonic mobile payment solution by Google in India

  In September, Google entered into the Indian payment space by releasing it’s new application called « Tez », which means « fast » in Indian. Google decided to attack the Asian payment market, where mobiles aren’t as...


Xiaomi enters the European smartphone market

Xiaomi literally “millet technology”, is a Chinese electronics and software company headquartered in Beijing and created in April 2010. It is now the world’s 5th largest smartphone brand in 2017. The logo of Xiaomi...


Lyf Pay : le paiement mobile proposé par les banques françaises

  Depuis peu, le paiement mobile s’installe dans le paysage français : Apple, Samsung, Orange ainsi que de nouvelles Start Up essaient d’investir ce marché prometteur. Les banques françaises surfent sur la tendance et...

Capture d'écran de l'application M-ticket du réseau Tadao de Lens permettant deux sortes de validation 0

What Is Mobile Ticketing and How It Revolutionizes Transportation for Travellers and Cities

It is now more and more familiar to travel thanks to its mobile phone by train, buses and other means of transport. But what is M-ticketing and what are the best examples of this...

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