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Big Data: New ally of pharmaceutical industry?

Since the 1990s, the emergence of “the internet of individuals” has led our society towards a 4th industrial revolution, which continues since 2000 with “the Internet of Things“. The appearance of mobile media, the...


The visioconsultation : « Hello doctor, are you online ? »

  Today 27% students or 41% public officials waive to consult a doctor because of financial problems, geographical remoteness or lack of time. The French government recently announced: to strive medical deserts and improve...


Les robots chirurgiens : une révolution dans le monde de la médecine ?

Ces dernières années, de nombreux robots destinés à aider les chirurgiens apparaissent mais ce genre de technologies existe déjà depuis une quinzaine d’années. En effet, le robot Da Vinci, conçu par l’entreprise Intuitive Surgical...